Best tips to avoid clogged toilet

Pipes and drains were probably one of the best creations of human beings. Have you ever thought what would have happened if you didn’t have a pipe and drainage system? However, at times people take this for granted. They don’t understand the importance of the whole system. They clog these pipes with things that shouldn’t be flushed out. This results in a total chaotic situation in the drainage system. You should always make sure that everybody in your household knows about how these pipes should be used and the dos and dont’s. Let us take a look at the various problems that arise when you don’t use the pipes and drainage systems properly.

Plunging toilet

How can pipes get clogged?

It is human nature that we never accept our faults or bad habits. The same holds for the problems we are going to discuss.

  • Accumulated dirt: Every day when you take bath, a heavy amount of dirt, hair clumps and soap remains are flushed down the pipes. Irregular cleaning sessions can result in these drains to become clogged.
  • The most common reason for clogged toilets is that people often flush tissue papers, sanitary napkins and other toiletries down the pipes. This is how the whole drainage system comes to a standstill.
  • If it is your kitchen sink, washing off food particles that are huge enough for the pipe can get stuck in it. This causes the drain to get clogged.

The dos if such a situation arises:

  • The problem of accumulated dirt can be handled by cleaning the stopper of the pipe. You can detach the pipe and clean the passage to allow smooth flow of water. You can also go for the filters over the water passage to avoid excess dirt or hair particles pass through the drain hole.
  • The second problem has one very easy solution, change your habits. Please understand the fact that flushing down tissue papers, wipes, and napkins is completely wrong. In case you face such a situation, all you can do is take help of a plumber and get the stuck product out. This will solve your problem.
  • Kitchen sinks come with filters that don’t allow the food particles to pass on to the drains. You can use them to avoid clogs. You can also pour hot water down the sink to ensure a bit of clean up. If things get worse and out of hand, it is good to take help from a plumber.

Always remember:

It is your house and you are responsible for its sanitation. Make a list of things you are not supposed to flush down and follow it. Make sure you clean your pipes and drainage systems once in a while to avoid clogging. If you have hair fall issues, make sure you clean up the hair stuck in the filters. If you have pets at home, you can bathe them in the garden rather than your bathroom. A little bit of care and conscious effort can save the day.