Unclogging Services

You know that it can be frustrating to see a clogged drain when you are in an urgency to start to your office in the morning. But, fret not, just shut-off the water supply to prevent the clogs from worsening. Then, call us at reseda-ca-plumber.com if you are in Reseda. We will take care of the unclogging work as we have the best expertise in unclogging services both in residential and commercial properties.

What are the preventive measures to take?

Once we provide our unclogging services, we give the following suggestions to our clients to prevent clogs again:

  • When you grease down the drain, do it completely. Poorly greasing down the drain can make the toughest job of unclogging even more difficult.
  • Do not dump chemicals down the drain. This encompasses paint thinner and paint. They can even harm your pipes in the long run.
  • Use drain screens as they can keep hair and soap scum from getting into the drain
  • Clean the sink stoppers at regular intervals and pour boiling water down the drains after cleaning
man using a plunger to unplug a bathroom sink

Why is it important to have clean drains?

From our experience at reseda-ca-plumber.com, we have found that clean drains keep the entire plumbing system in your property healthy and happy. If the drains are not cleared of any accumulations, they turn clogged and blockages can occur at any time. In turn, it can create more problems in the future. Most commonly clogs happen in outdoor pipes, roof gutters, laundry drains, shower drains, toilets and in sinks. We are here to offer unclogging services to keep your entire plumbing system healthy. Do not overlook a clogged drain in anyways.

What leads to clogs?

At reseda-ca-plumber.com during our unclogging services, we have found that food particles and grease are the essential culprits in kitchen clogs. In the case of shower drains, they are commonly blocked by the hair and soap scum. When you take the case of toilets, they are generally backed up by paper towels that do not break in the water.

if you need unclogging services either in your home or office in Reseda, you can call our 24-hour service reseda-ca-plumber.com at (747)251-0810.