Leak Detection & Repair

You know that every step should be taken in any property to stop leaks before they cause more damage. At resada-ca-plumber.com, we specialize in many plumbing services that include leak detection & repair. We always recommend our clients to remember that a sewer or water leak can lead to structural damage to their property.

What indicates that you need a leak detection service?

At times, you might not directly see leaks in the water lines in your property. But, you continue to hear the sound of running water or you smell sewage. In these instances, leak detection from a professional service like resada-ca-plumber.com will go a long way in preventing any further damage to your property.


Inspect your home

You might suspect a leak or even you might not suspect one in your home. Irrespective of the condition, you can schedule to do a regular check-up of your home’s plumbing system yourself. You can do this by making a simple walkthrough of your home to check all the pipes in your home. When you do this, listen to all drains in your home and closely pay attention to the sounds, smells and leaks if any. Also, do not forget to check behind things for any signs of water dripping or condensation that might have led to mold growth.

At resada-ca-plumber.com we recommend that if you come across these things, it is better to get in touch with us with your findings to keep away from more severe plumbing repairs and to avoid higher water bills.


For any leak detection & repair work in your home, you can get dependable work from us. Call us today for an appointment.

Do you find there is an increase in your water bill recently?

If you cannot inspect in the manner stated above, we at resada-ca-plumber.com recommend you can carefully have an eye on your water bills. Do they continue to remain at the same level unless and until there is an increase in the number of people using water in your home? Then, there is no problem. But, if you find that the bill is increasing regularly without any specific reason, it can be due to a leak that is happening at any place in your property.